"Optimize your Airbnb & car share operation with Turnoverbnb"

We can't do everything alone if we want grow our business. This is something you learn very fast running multiple airbnbs and renting out multiple cars on Turo and now on Aircnr!

Luckily there are services out there that have cracked the code on streamlining your hosting business. TurnoverBnB offers a platform where you can automate communication, scheduling and payments for both airbnb cleaning and car cleaning in between guests.


The first step to get started is to upload you airbnb (or any platform) calendar so that Turnoverbnb can create a cleaning schedule for you cleaners.


The second step is to invite your cleaners and cohost so that everyone knows exactly whats going on.


Don't have cleaners? Luckily you can find and hire experienced cleaners on Turnoverbnb with a click of a button.


From now on you are on autopilot. when a new guest books a visit the system will notify your cleaners, when they approve you get notified. A guest canceled or changed reservation? No problem! the system will notify the cleaners and create or update the project. Once your cleaners finished cleaning you get notified with pictures and a note. You can also add a credit card and setup auto payments so your cleaners are paid whenever they complete a project.


While it easy to step your account on the web, Turnoverbnb also has a mobile app where you can stay updated on the go. There is an app for the host and one for the cleaners so make sure you get the right one."