How it works

Aircnr is the best compliment to the Airbnb community. In general, hosts and guests of the Airbnb community are able to list, discover and book cars within the same community. This means the same trsuty hosts will be providing a vehicle to the same responsible guests. Amplifying the Airbnb community to the Full Experience (A car and a House).


  1. THE GUEST JOURNEY: The guest will rent their Airbnb house and at the same time rent their Aircnr car provided by the same host. The car will be waiting for the guest in the Airbnb house they booked. Simply, take a taxi or an uber from the airport to your Airbnb house where the car will be waiting for you. After you checkout, leave the keys and the car exactly where the host left them. Address of where the car will be located will be provided to the guest after they book the car along with other important contact information. The host can also contact the guest for additional information.

  2. THE HOST JOURNEY: After the guest list their vehicle in Aircnr they can “Airbnb Verify” it by providing the url of where the car will be residing at. The host will also provide the address of where that car will be staying. Simply leave the car parked in the Airbnb house your guest will be staying at. Make sure to leave instructions on where to find the key to the car for the guest that booked the Aircnr car.  After the guest checks out from both the Airbnb and Aircnr listings, you will find the car in the exact same location you left it (parked) for your guest. Remember, in Aircnr Hosts don’t deliver or pick-up the car. You simply leave the car on the Airbnb house. No wasting time, no additional expenses.

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