How to travel

Aircnr aims to amplify the Airbnb community by adding more value to the traveling experience. Guest can start their trip by either booking first through Aircnr and then booking the Airbnb associated with their desired car; or, they can start by booking first through Airbnb and then asking the host if they provide a vehicle through Aircnr. If not, is ok. As them to join and both you and the host can earn travel credits in our platform.  


  1. TRAVELING THROUGH AIRCNR FIRST: You can start by searching the location of where you want to travel in the home page. Browse by the selection of cars available in that location. Select a desired vehicle and then click on the “Airbnb Verified” link to see what Airbnb houses are available for that car. After you have selected both your Airbnb house and Aircnr car provided by the same host and with both listing in the same location, you may either book or request to book the listing depending on the hosts booking style. Easily finilize payments and enjoy your Full Experience when traveling (A car and a house).

  2. TRAVELING THROUGH AIRBNB FIRST: You can start by searching for your desired house in the Airbnb platform. After you found a selection of houses you wish to book, you can ask the hosts if they provide a vehicle through Aircnr. If a host does provides a vehicle through Aircnr, then simply book that car in our secured platform. If no host provides a vehicle, then its ok. Simply ask them to join and you can both earn Travel Credits. Help the community by telling your hosts about Aircnr and how they can benefit by renting out their vehicle through our platform. Adding real value to the community and making life easier for the guests.


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