How to host

Hosting is very simple. We are an Airbnb inspired company; which means we want to make the process of hosting as similar to Airbnb and simple as possible.


  1. LIST YOUR CAR PROCESS: Start your Aircnr hosting experience by listing your vehicle in our platform. The step process is simple and consists of a 5 steps: About your car, Customize, Details, Photo and finally Publish. In here you will be providing basic information about your car; however, it will still not be a completed listing that can be rented until you finalize all of the important details in the manage listing and calendar. You can access the List Your Car process in the Become a Host page by clicking on any of the “Become a Host” button. If you come across any difficulties, need help or advice, or found any bugs/glitches throughout this process; kindly send us an email with a small description at We highly appreciate your patience and we thrive everyday to make our service as perfect as possible.

  2. MANAGE LISTING AND CALENDAR: In here you will be able to adjust and manage all of the important details of your listing. You can access this section by going to “Your Listings” and clicking on either “Manage Listing and Calendar” text or the “Click to Finish” button for all incomplete listings. This section is composed of 10 subtabs that you can navigate to finalize your listing. Keep in mind that most of the information here will be available to guests in your listing’s details page. In here, you're also able to delete your listing and make it unavailable. There are hints to help you understand what each section is for. Nonetheless, if you need additional assistance or advice you can always reach out to us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  

  3. YOUR RESERVATIONS: After your listing has been booked or requested to book you can see all of the important details in this section. You can view the status, accept or decline any reservations if selected “Review each request” as your booking style, know the dates, listing and guests contact information, send message to the guest and/or view their profile, and finally see the total amount and nights rented. You can access this section by clicking on “Your Listing” and accessing the “Your Reservation” subtab. After a trip has reached its checkout date it will be moved into the “Reservation History.” In here you will have access to all of your past reservation important details.

  4. YOUR VERIFICATIONS: As a host you want to show guests that you are a verified member of the community. You can do this by verifying your account with the most important verifications being: Airbnb Verified, License (same as an ID), and any social media of your choice (however, the more social media verifications the better). You can access all of these verifications by  going to the “Edit Profile” or “Profile” and then selecting “Trust and Verifications” subtab. Always remember that this is the same community composed of the same trusty hosts and guests. Nonetheless, Aircnr strives to become a very safe and secure platform for all. Therefore, we have implemented additional layers of verification to create a safe environment and community.


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