What are the reviews guideline

The reviews consist of six criterias: accuracy, communication, cleanliness, location, check in, and value.

Accuracy is how exact was the car portrayed through photos and description provided by the host.

Communication consist of the host ability to communicate with the guest.

Cleanliness is basically how clean was the car when the guest received it (this is not the car condition. Car conditions are described by the host and goes under the accuracy criteria).

Location is the place the car stayed and was it well detailed by the host. Check in is basically, was the car available at the time it stated?

Value is how significant was it having a that particular car available for your trip.

The overall criteria is the average of all of the other six criterias. Guests will also be able to provide a general feedback on how their experience was in general and give constructive feedback on how the host can improve. We want to create a safe and friendly environment. Please, remember to keep the reviews constructive and professional. Thank you.




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