Guest Journey through Aircnr

STEP 1: Guest logs in or signup with either Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus or Email (Depends on their preferred method).

  STEP 1.2: All first-time users will go through an initial form. This form is to collect and verify important information required in our platform such as: Country, Phone Number and EVS (Electronic Verification System). 

STEP 2: Guests search in the Home Page through a search bar their location and desired date (From – Until). 

STEP 3: Guest are presented with all the available listings based on their search criteria in step 2. They can filter their search based on: price, date, year, vehicle type, vehicle makes, mileage, color and transmission. The results page has a gallery format to the left with pictures of the vehicle and a map exactly like Airbnb. 

STEP 4: Guest access the details page of their desired vehicle by clicking on the gallery image or in the map pin image. The details page contains all of the important information about the vehicle provided by the hosts in a very simplistic, beautifully designed interactive style. 

STEP 5: Guest can click on the “Airbnb Verified” button to navigate to the Airbnb house associated with their desired Aircnr car and proceed to checkout the Airbnb house through Airbnb’s platform. However, before that…

STEP 6: Guest will click on “Book Now” or “Request to Book” button (based on the hosts preferred booking method) after they have reviewed and confirmed all the details associated with their desired listing.

STEP 7: Guest are sent to the “Checkout” page where they will provide required information prior to providing their payment information. The required information is: Phone Number, EVS, and Address. The guest phone number and EVS will be transferred if they had provided that information in the “Initial Form” in step 1.2 (Simplifying and speeding up the checkout process). 

STEP 8: Guest can provide their payment information and click “Pay Now.” Prior to that they can provide discount coupons that are granted via Travel Credits if applicable.

STEP 9: On the guest check in date, guest will take an Uber or Taxi from the airport to their Airbnb house where their Aircnr car will be waiting for them. All information on how to access their Aircnr car will be provided to guest prior to their check in date by the hosts.

FAIR WEAR AND TEAR: When returning the vehicle, please make sure that there are no damages bigger than a golf ball and/or any mechanical damages. Use the gasoline as described by the host in the details page in order to avoid engine problems. You must return the vehicle in the same condition that was given to you.

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