Guest Journey if host selects "Review each request"

Depending on the host preferred booking style “Instant Book” or “Review each request” the journey will differ. Guest journey through Aircnr and Airbnb underline the complete process of the guest if the listing was “Instant Book,” which allows the guest immediate access to the checkout page. However, if the hosts select “Review each request” than the journey differs. The following underline the guest journey on a “Review each request” listing.

STEP 1: After the guest has review all the important details underlining the Aircnr listing and they click on “Request to book” button; the guest will be sent to “Your Trips” where they can see the status of their request. All requests will start as “Pending,” until the hosts decide to “Accept” or “Decline” the request. 

STEP 2: The host receives a request and they can “Accept” or “Decline” the request after they have reviewed all of the important information such as: dates, total amount, requested listing, guest’s user profile and they can even contact the guest through our platform messages prior to making a decision. 

IF ACCEPTED: If the host accepts the request, then in the guest’s “Your Trips” section they will see the status change form “Pending” to “Accepted” with a button that will be only activated if the requested listing has been accepted to “book now.” By clicking on the button, the guest will be sent to that listing’s checkout page where they can proceed as explained in previous steps (steps 4-6 in Guest Journey Through Airbnb & steps 7-9 in Guest Journey Through Aircnr). 

IF DECLINED: If the host declines the request, then in the guest’s “Previous Trips” section they will see the status change form “Pending” to “Declined.” The guest can not book the listing and can look for other cars instead. 

Although some hosts will want to review each request, we recommend all of our hosts to select “Instant Booking” for their listing.

FAIR WEAR AND TEAR: When returning the vehicle, please make sure that there are no damages bigger than a golf ball and/or any mechanical damages. Use the gasoline as described by the host in the details page in order to avoid engine problems. You must return the vehicle in the same condition that was given to you.


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