Host Journey

STEP 1: Host logs in or signup with either Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus or Email (Depends on their preferred method). 

STEP 1.2: All first-time users will go through an initial form. This form is to collect and verify important information required in our platform such as: Country, Phone Number and EVS (Electronic Verification System). 

STEP 2: Host will go to the “Become a Host” page where they can read all of the benefits of becoming a host at Aircnr. They can click on the “Become a Host” button available and displayed in three ways on the “Become a Host” page. 

STEP 3: Once they click on any of the three “Become a Host” button they will initiate the “List Your Car Process.”

  • LIST YOUR CAR STEP 1: This is the “About Your Car” step and in here hosts provide the location of their vehicle, they select the year, make, model, transmission, trim, style, car type, and odometer. The year, make, model, transmission, trim and style is a database API that preselects that options available based on the prior selected fields by the host (Facilitating the process). There is also a required checkbox that states “My car has never had a branded or salvage title.” This is to make sure that all of the vehicles in our platform are safe. 
  • LIST YOUR CAR STEP 2: This is the “Customize” step and in here hosts provide the listing name, nightly price, and booking style. 
  • LIST YOUR CAR STEP 3: This is the “Details” step and in here hosts provide their license plate information (State/Providence and Plate Number), car description, and selects applicable car features. 
  • LIST YOUR CAR STEP 4: This is the “Photos” step and in here hosts provide the listing photos. 
  • LIST YOUR CAR STEP 5: This is the “Publish” step and in here hosts are welcomed to Aircnr before they click on finish. 

STEP 4: After they click on “Finish” in the “List Your Car Process” the host will be redirected to the “Your Listing” section where they are able to manage all of the listing’s details by clicking on the “Manage Listing and Calendar.” All listings will start as an “Incomplete Listing” because there are required information prior to being displayed on the results page for booking. 

STEP 5: All hosts will be able to edit their listings and provide important information by clicking on “Manage Listing and Calendar”

  • MANAGE LISTINGS AND CALENDAR 1: This section is the “Basics” and in here hosts can edit that particular listings basic details such as: number of seats, number of doors, fuel type for that listing, gas type for that listing, city mpg, highway mpg, exterior and interior color (that have associated icons to them). They can also edit their previously inputted car information such as: year, make, model, transmission, mileage, trim, style, car type. 
  • MANAGE LISTINGS AND CALENDAR 2: This section is the “Description” and in here hosts can add additional information about their listing that will be available to the guests in that particular listing’s details page. Details include: listing name, summary, inside the vehicle, guest access to the keys, interaction with guests, other things to note, car rules, overview of the neighborhood, parking instructions and FAQ/Answer fields. 
  • MANAGE LISTINGS AND CALENDAR 3: This section is the “Pricing” and in here hosts can set up their nightly price, currency (currently available for over 135+ countries), and any additional pricing that the host would like to implement such as: cleaning fee, parking fee, refuel fee and insurance fee. 
  • MANAGE LISTINGS AND CALENDAR 4: This section is the “Calendar” and in here hosts can manage the listing’s calendar setting to match that of Airbnb’s. Our calendar has the exact same functionality as Airbnb. Functionalities are but not limited to: set unique reservation settings, prices for different dates, set blocked or available dates, set maximum and minimum nights, etc. 
  • MANAGE LISTINGS AND CALENDAR 5: This section is the “Booking” and in here hosts can select their preferred booking style (Instant Booking or Review each request). This affects the booking process of the listing which is underlined above in the Guest Journey Through Aircnr and Airbnb.
  • MANAGE LISTINGS AND CALENDAR 6: This section is the “Airbnb Listing” and in here guest can connect their Airbnb house with their Aircnr car by providing the URL of the Airbnb house details page that the car will be available for. By doing this, guest can gain quick access to learn which Airbnb house is associated with the Aircnr car they will rent with a click of a button in the Results Page and/or the Details Page.
  • MANAGE LISTINGS AND CALENDAR 7: This section is the “Location” and in here hosts can edit the location of where the car will be staying at. This will be the exact same location as the Airbnb house unless the parking location differs.
  • MANAGE LISTINGS AND CALENDAR 8: This section is the “Vehicle Features” and in here hosts can select which vehicle features are applicable to their listing by simply checking on the box of our 22 preset features. Hosts can also add additional features though a functionality we have provided.
  • MANAGE LISTINGS AND CALENDAR 9: This section is the “Photos” and in here hosts can upload, delete, and set their featured image for their listing.
  • MANAGE LISTINGS AND CALENDAR 10: This section is the “Terms and Conditions” and in here hosts can set their cancellation policy and provide additional comments in regard to the cancellation policy.

STEP 6: After the hosts finishes managing their listing and they have provided the information for all of the required fields (which is not many), their listing will be available and displayed in the results page. 

Last: Be attentive to all of the reservations made. Make sure to send all of your guests that book your Airbnb (and/or other short term vacational rental platforms) the promotional PDF for your car that will be sent to you.

Thank you very much for taking your time to review this document. If you need any additional information or want clarifications, please feel free to contact us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you!




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